Monday, November 3, 2008

Cameron Highlands

Cuti deepavali hari tu, kitaorng sefamily singgah ke Cameron.
Sajer sbb tak penah jejak kaki ke sana...itupun semer last minute nyer planning. Ingat nk gi Genting, tgk2 semer hotel fully book. Last minute decide tukar trip to Cameron. Overall oklah...but not the type of place that you would like to visit for the second time...and it was not as what we expected.

Dh tak sejuk pun kt atas tu..panas adala...takat nk tngok ladang strawberry ngan ladang teh tu..rasa cam tak worth it je...with all the 'mishap' during our trip up..and the torturous trip down...mmg tak worth..

But hotel was the best part...nice cozy bed, huge room and very generous food. Lots of toppings, salads, prawn etc.

Kitaorang stay kat Century Pines Resort. Tgkla gamba2 yang sempat kitorg amik...bilik air jer pn..

if only that hotel locate around here...PD ker, Melaka ker, would love to visit it again next time..

wooops...favourite show is on..ja ne!

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